Home Remedies for Kidney Stone & Causes

Kidney stone is one of the panic disease, and many patients do not know when & how it develops and form in their kidney. According to UK Based medical association recently research revealed, about 1 in 20 women and 3 out of 20 men face this kidney stone problem in United Kingdom at some stages in their lives.Some time a kidney stone may increase as large as potato ,and some time it is as small as we can only see it with microscope.

Urine is natural process which is responsible to passes salt deposits and solid masses of minerals.our kidney refine blood and remove chemicals and water from it and produce urine.Home remedies for kidney stone are far better than medication, these natural remedies do not have any side effects but keeps countless benefits.


Causes of Kidney Stone

Unfortunately there are many causes of kidney stone,and it depends on person to person and their life style and food they ate, and other certain factors.

1:Excessive use of Vitamin D

2: Excessive use of calcium in different format

3: Dehydration is another causes of kidney stone.

4: Kidney stone may develop due to mineral imbalance.

5: Another reason, if you live in hot climate and loose more sweat and less as urine there may be brighter chance kidney stone will develop.

6: Taking certain medicine may also leads you to kidney stone problem,like medicine for cancer, chemotherapy, but some research shows majority of people safely use these medicine without any harm and developing stone.In any case you should not stop using medicine if you know it is harmful to kidney, but must need to consult with your doctor for solution or other assistance.

Home remedies for kidney stone

If you ask which one is suitable for kidney stone , I must say, each natural remedy I define today, have its own importance and implication. Its also depend on person to person and their body chemistry and other past health matters.

Lemon juice & Olive Oil

1: Lemon juice and Olive Oil combination is one of the favorite and most commonly used home remedies for kidney stone , how to use it effectively?

get 5 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and add 5 teaspoon of olive oil, drink this home made kidney stone natural medicine,and also drink lot of fresh water. You need to follow this instruction 2 to 3 time a day, and better use at the start of day also in empty stomach before breakfast.

Fig juice

2: Get two fig , good quality of fig and boiled with drinking water,wait till this compound is drinkable , preferably drink it at early in morning before breakfast.You need to repeat it at least 2 weeks, and leave this kidney stone home remedy when you get rid from stone in your kidney.

Basil Leaves

3: Majority of doctors in United states advise to their  kidney patients use basil leaves in different formate to get rid and stay away from kidney stone problem.Basil leaves are good for kidney health.How to use this ? Mix basil leave juice with honey in same quantity, one teaspoon each preferably, and use this drink early in morning before breakfast for at least 4 to 6 month.You can use it if you just fear you can face kidney stone problem in future.It is one of the best and unbeatable home remedies for kidney stone.

Tomato Juice

4: Tomato juice is another iconic natural remedy for kidney stone,how to use this product effectively. Take one glass of tomato juice and include some pepper and pinch of salt and use it preferably early in morning to get maximum and instant result.Tomato juice will effectively help to dissolve kidney stone.


5: Due to presence of potassium in Watermelon it is not only good for kidney health, some time its helpful in removing and dissolving kidney stones.Regular intake of watermelon in our body can greatly help in this problem, due to existence of potassium and high level of water, You can also use watermelon seeds tea for kidney stone removal.

These are some exceptional and never revealed before, home remedies for kidney stone problem.


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How to Improve liver health effectively with foods

If you think you ignore your liver health and misbehave by using foods that are not good for liver health, and still expecting good health of your whole body, its not like, that. Healthy liver means strong healthy tension free body.Eating too much fried foods and roaming in polluted streets it makes liver more busy and extra burden on it , that’s some time I called we are playing with liver indeed.

How-to-improve-liver-healthRead more ›

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Simple Home Remedies for black spots on your face

There are bright chances for many dark patches and black spots , that can be easily removed or lightened with simple home remedies.I always recommends and suggest for my readers to go for home remedies rather than high price medication which may some time leads us to some other problem and need another medication,

Well leave it for now , and lets focus on home remedies for black spots, but before we digg into it, we must need to review some causes and reasons of black spots on your face.

There are some certain general reasons,of black spot.


Causes of black spots and dark patches

1: Over exposure to sun, specially in summer , we need to avoid to sit in sunlight for long time with same direction.

2: Due to imbalance of hormone.

3: Another reason, pregnancy, block spot  and dark patches may raise.

4: Defeciency of Vitamins

5: Due to reaction of certain medication.

6: Its also due to liver damage, because is less effective in removing toxin from skins.

7: Another main causes of black spot and dark patches are acne and scars,some time acne leave a dark mart , black spot on your skin.

Home remedies for Black spots and dark patches

Lemon Juice

1: Here I would like to suggest you a quick and low cost home remedy which is also very effective. What you need is lemon juice, take once spoon of lemon juice and apply it on your black spot with clean cotton ball or cotton piece of cloth.

If you think your skin is sensitive, you can add some fresh water, rub it and after few minutes wash the spot with fresh water.

You can use this lemon juice home remedy for 2, 3 weeks for better result and complete relief.

Vitamin E

2: Applying Vitamin E directly on black spot and dark patches is also very effective home remedy, how you get Vitamin E, there are many creams that contains ample amount of Vitamin E in it, You can find it from stores.Apply Vitamin E before bed is providing good result, I strongly suggest, use it before bed, You can use for 2 weeks for your desired result.

Intake of Vitamin C

3: Increase intake of Vitamin C during your this problem, you can find natural ways to intake Vitamin C, from Orange , Lemon Juices and other fruits and vegetables.

Aloe Vera

4: Aloe vera oil is another one of the great home remedies for black spots, use alo vera juice, apply it on your dark spot of your face for several weeks for better result not only better result, you will get complete satisfaction.


5: Get pure fresh milk, dip inot cotton ball and place on dark spot for few minutes, 8 to 10 minutes, and wash with fresh water, this natural remedy atleast 6 to 8 weeks, for eliminating dark patches or black spot.


6:Another one of the best home remedies for black spots, is using of potatoes directly on black spot, what you really need to do, slice up potato and place directly on dark patch , black spot, and place it for few minutes, use this remedy atleast 4 week,


7: Few people say they also get rid from black spots by using fresh tomatoes on effective place, and they use this natural remedy for few weeks


8:Newly research discovered shows, buttermilk is also having effective ability to remove black spots and dark patches, many doctors also suggest this home remedies for black spots.How you can use it , here is direction below.

take two teaspoon of fresh tomato juice and 4 teaspoon of buttermilk, mix both these compounds, and apply it on dark patches or black spots, its have excellent bleaching ability indeed.

Papaya pulp

9: Papaya pulp is another great natural remedies for black spots and dark patches, apply ripe pulp of papaya on black spots and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, and then remove this , it will greatly remove and decrease your black spot from your face.

These are all home remedies for black spots, I am sure you learn many great health tips from this article.

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Migraine & Headache Home Remedies and causes

These days headache and Migraine is very very common among us,because of variety of problem we face.Before we jump to Headache Home remedies , we need to review carefully what are the causes of this irritating disease.

Some headache need professional treatment and some are very common ,but what ever, we do not popping pain reliever for removing this pain, it may gives you relief for the time being, but it will never be your permanent solution.Fortunately there are several home remedies treatment which helps you to fight against headache and migraine problem. Read more ›

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Juice prevent Cancer Home remedies

Today We will discuss one fine home remedy , which is not only delicious in its taste, and also having wonderful great health value, this juice which having wonderful power and capability to prevent cancer.Not only a specific cancer, it helps to eliminate different types of cancers like lung cancer,mouth cancer , skin cancer, breast cancer,bone protection, colon cancer, asthma and many other disease, which will discuss after ingredient of juice prevent cancer.

Juice prevent cancer

Different Home Remedies for different People

I always recommend different types of home remedies, because I strongly believe only one natural remedy can not equally fruitful for all types of patients, it depends upon patients medical history, his body chemistry , his past medication and other disease he is facing.

Getting benefits from types of home remedies we must have collection of different types of home remedies.Timing , & exact ingredients and pure compounds are very essential for getting 100% results from natural remedy.

Here are ingredient of juice prevent cancer

Fresh Apples 364 Grams

Celery 192 grams

Pears 356 grams

Orange peeled 131 grams

Sweet potato 130 grams

How to use

Blend all these ingredients and serve per person one glass daily.It depends on you how much days you want to drink, better one week to two week then give a break.

Benefits of these ingredients used in Juice prevent cancer

Orange has a special compound called liminoid which is very helpful to prevent different types of cancer , like breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer.

Pears fruit has greater ability to prevent strokes.

New study reveals, existence of quercetin in apples helps to pretect brain cells from free radical damage, which may leads to Alzheimer.

Latest research proves women who ate lot of apple during pregnancy have lower risk or no risk for asthma to their kids, and kids and children who drink apple juice atleast once in month having 50% lower chance of asthma.

One latest study found , rats who ate apple skin in their foods, having 43% lower chance of colon cancer.Further research proves people using more apple juice having very low chance of colon cancer.

One of the prestigious American medical institute proves in their recent research, rats eating apple skin in their food having 57% less chance of their liver cancer.

New research on 10000 people prove, people eating more apple in daily basis, having 50% less chance of developing lung cancer.

We all knows Oranges having ample amount of Vitamins c and flavonoids , which having great impact on controlling fatal heart disease.

These are detail of juice prevent cancer, I am sure now you better understand after reading this health article.If you have any question or have some thing to share , please comment.



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