How to get rid from toothache and Gum pain

Toothache and gum pain is very common , few of us facing this problem frequently and some rarely having toothache or gum pain. In-fact it is very irritating and painful and due to this health issue we hardly work or sleep.

Main cause of Toothache or gum pain is improper teeth cleaning and some other we often ignore, but we must need to know.

Tooth fracture

Tooth Decay

damaged filling

I personally observe when ever I face gum pain and toothache and I take antibiotics it was temporarily relief, but once i use one homeopathic medicine on suggestion of one homeopathic doctor, it was lasting and cheaper than antibiotics.

combination of Arnica Montana and calcium floratum  both 1M Power i use 5 to 7 drops only one time in week , and my toothache and pain of gums have gone .

I do not claim it never comes back again, but my personally observation when i use antibiotics it reappears in after one or two months, but after using homeopathic medicine , only two time in one year i feel pain in my gums and now my teeth are more stronger then before.

I also tells you one thing , my gums pain and toothache appear specially when i use more rice , yogurt and beef, but after homeopathic medicine which i mention before, my this problem almost have gone.

I strongly recommends you to consult with your family doctor before using of any type of medicine.


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Natural Treatment for sleep problem during night

Many of us having sleep problem but we ignore constantly, due to sleep problem due to night, we feel restless and ultimately during day time we do not have enough fresh to fulfill our routine daily task and that is ultimately effects negatively on our professional life, not only professional life it may harm in many aspects of life.This problem or disease also called insomnia.

If you are victim of sleep problem (Insomnia) ( during night , you must think seriously on it do not ignore, I have a very simple solution for you, and this natural treatment work perfectly since many hundreds years.Here is what you need to do simple instant and very cheap.

Natural treatment for sleep problem during night.

Buy pure mustard oil from any super store, make sure it is pure, and when you plan to sleep at night, just before few minute , place a rough towel under your feet and start massage under your feet for few minutes, remember do not use mustard oil as much as your towel wet with oil and it make your bed smelly or oily, just 10 to 20 mustard oil drops are enough for this massage, you will feel amazingly how you fell in sleep quickly and you will get deep sleep , so carry on this home remedy until your habit develop to sleep properly.

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Love to eat rice but afraid from constipation here is solution

Majority of people love to eat rice in all shape , but rice often leads to constipation , right , Here I bring quick solution natural home remedy for you , and you do not need to ignore Rice.

After eating rice , you just need to use following natural drink and everything will be fine

Get one fresh glass of drinking water , include half teaspoon of baking soda, and juice of one or half fresh lemon , drink after your meal, you will surprisingly observe rice will not making trouble and you will not face constipation.

This natural remedy is also for those people having farting and gas trouble , and having chronic constipation. For chronic constipation and gas trouble , you must use this drink after meal and break fast two times atleast in a day for at least 2 to 4 weeks.


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Itching home remedies and itching causes

Itching is very irritating disease and it may lead to some other skin problem, here we bring itching home remedies for you which work perfectly , its easy and no side effects at all. First of all we need to review the main possible causes of itching which are as below.

Causes of itching

1: Dry skin

2: Internal disease

3: Pregnancy

4: Nerves disorders

5: Certain type of drugs

6: Skin condition and rashes

7: Irritation and allergic reactions

Now here is simple itching home remedies

Get some fresh Azadirachta indica leaves it is also known as Neem leaves ( in subcontinent) special tree .250 grams of fresh Azadirachta indica leaves and wash it properly with fresh water and make sure no germs and dust on it, boil it with fresh water with one teaspoon of salt.for 250 grams of Azadirachta indica two liter water is can save it for daily use, but remember this water should use within one week and after this get some fresh leaves and repeat this process.

wash daily itching spot for two to three times a day and you will observe positive result within one week. Continue it till itching disappear. Total duration of using this home remedies is depend on the itching spot. Like a normal itching will disappear in week or two but a chronic and stubborn itching may take more time , one month or more , you need to use it as per your itching condition.

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How to avoid breast cancer natural treatment

It is terrible and horrific news for any woman.It can be most shocking news once a woman heard she suffer from breast cancer.According to latest facts and figure by about 1 out of 8 women suffer breast cancer each year, which is really alarming situation. Even last year 2014 roughly 232670 cases were expected of invasive breast cancer.About 40000 women were expected to die with breast cancer in United states.

In United states death rates breast cancer are higher than any other cancer disease in 2014.Here are some general risk factor of breast cancer, but it does not mean a woman living with risk factor must face breast cancer disease.

Causes and Risk factors of Breast cancer

1: Family history

If your mother sister or even your daughter having breast cancer in past, there may be 5% to 10% chance of breast cancer in you. Doctors admit that it is minor risk factor.

2: Radiation exposure

If you receive radiation exposure or treatment at any stage of your age, risk of breast cancer increased in you.

3: Obesity Or overweight

If you are obese or overweight continuously since many years, there may be brighter chance of breast cancer.

4: First child at older age

There is another risk factor , if your first child at older age, above 35 , breast cancer chances increased in you.

5: Period or Menstrual cycle

If your menstrual cycle start at 12 or more early, breast cancer chances increased, it is another risk factor of breast cancer.

6: Drinking Alcohol

If you are drinker and fall in alcoholism category, there may be bright chance of breast cancer.

After reading these risk factors of breast cancer and causes of ,breast cancer, there must be one question arise in your mind how to avoid breast cancer .I think it is not bad idea to care for future to avoid any critical situation, and even following natural treatment of breast cancer is very effective to those women having already breast cancer.

How to avoid breast cancer with natural treatment

Kasni seeds (also known as chicory, blue daisy, succory) 18 grams
black seeds   (also known as kalonji) 22 grams
Soy seeds            10 Grams
phyllanthus maderaspatensis seeds also known as Tukhme Reham 7 grams
Feenugreek seeds (Also known as Methi dana) 22 grams

Qust-e-Shireen   90 Grams   ( I do not know what exact it called in different language) you may need to google it, otherwise you can buy it from Indian or Pakistani herbal store with this name.

Grind all these and save it in neat and clean glass jar no any dust or water, even single drop of water may damage it.

get half teaspoon after breakfast and half teaspoon after meal at night. Use it atleast 45 days initially if breast cancer is not diagnosed.But if breast cancer diagnosed and it is at early stage, you need to consult with herbal specialist for how much and how much amount of this powder.


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