5 Natural Remedies from kitchen products

Some time we face sudden pain, for example  teeth pain, back pain, feet pain, joint pain & muscle pain.At that moment we need to rush to hospital or some time want appointment to doctor and all these efforts consume lot of time,but we do not know we can solve these sort of problem at home with simple natural remedies from kitchen products and it called natural remedies.

Today I decide to divert your attention at simple kitchen products and how these products can help you instantly and without wasting much time.

Natural remedies from kitchen products


Some time pain in your shoulder , hips and joint make your life hard and you unable to complete your routine task, do not worry about normal joint or shoulder pain, you can easily get solution from turmeric which is easily available from your kitchen.

What you need to do? Get at least one teaspoon of Turmeric and half teaspoon of honey mix it with some hot water and wait till this mixture ready to drink I mean it become warm drink.You need to use this natural remedy at least one week to get rid from your normal joint or hips or shoulder pains.

natural remedies from kitchen

natural remedies from kitchen


Clove for toothaches

Feeling pain in teeth toothache or in gums, due to infection and do not have any medicine available at home, do not worry, you really do not need antibiotics for this pain at all.Get few pieces of clove and place them in your mouth or under jaws,after few minutes you will feel fluid in your mouth, just spit it in wash basin and you will feel soon pain is disappear. This is wonderful home remedy used by Indian people since hundreds of years.Cloves having wonderful properties of antibacterial and antiseptic.

After this you can gargle with some warm saltish water to make your mouth clean and more comfortable.


Ginger tea for muscle pain

We often fell in trouble due to muscle pain ,because of extra hard work or exercise or some other reasons, for this sudden problem, we can use ginger tea , how we can use it. Just get some slice of ginger and put them in water boil them for atleast 7 to 10 minutes , add some raw honey and drink slowly , you should use this natural remedy from kitchen for few days for better result.

Salt for foot pain

If you having foot pain and trying for some medicine , say no to medicine and try these natural remedies from kitchen very low cost home remedy to get rid from foot pain, get 6 liter water and make it warm, and add half cup of salt in it , dip your feet into it for at least 10 to 15 minutes , you will see difference and will get rid from foot pain,which often raise due to long walk, short shoes, and other hard exercises or may be some other reasons.

Honey For mouth ulcers

There are certain reasons of mouth ulcers like nutritional defeciences , constipation,hormonal problem in body,accidental bite inside the mouth.You can get rid from such irritating problem natural remedies from kitchen. Just place some raw honey at wounded place inside the mouth for few times a day and you will see there is instant heal from raw honey.

Because Honey having natural ability to heal wound it also destroy viruses and quickly heal wound.

These are some instant and low cost natural remedies from kitchen , hope it will work for you and you learn many new things from this article.


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How to get rid from Mosquitoes Home remedies

It is very annoying for every one when you are in a good mood having barbecue or picnic outing, and small mosquitoes continuously biting on your skin and make your mood hell.Redness on your skin but you are helpless and just can irritate and nothing.But you can get rid from uninvited guest with Mosquitoes home remedies.

Remember mosquito bite is not just irritating matter, or small pain on your skin or some redness on your skin and disturbing , it may cause many problem in future if you do not care.This pesticide is known as DEET.

There are some certain problem may raise due to heavy exposure to DEET.

Mosquitoes home remedies

Mosquitoes home remedies

Diseases Due to Mosquitoes Bite

Mosquito pesticide is very dangerous some time which may cause dengue , malaria ,fatigue , headache, weakness, memory loss,toxin in children and joint pain are some of the example diseases.

I know you , every one know there are mosquito repellent easily available from shops and stores which you can get rid instantly from mosquitoes but remember , most of mosquito repellent are harmful for human health specially for your skin and even some mosquito repellent can cause certain type of cancer.

For this reason I do not recommend you such mosquito repellent here but I have some very handy and effective mosquitoes home remedies.

 Mosquitoes Home Remedies

Lemon and Cloves

1: In this easy and natural Home Remedy you just need Lemon and cloves, well if you do not know about cloves , its very famous spice kind used in most of Indian foods and Chinese and Italian foods.

What you need to do in this mosquitoes home remedies, make slice of fresh lemons and place it in a plate with clove , where ever in room or main hall you want mosquitoes do not came.You will surprising observe  where you will place Lemon slice and cloves pieces within 8 to 12 feet Mosquitoes will avoid to fly.And you will be peace of mind.This is one of the most effective and newly discovered mosquitoes home remedies.

Natural mosquito repellent plants

2:If you have a garden in house and sick off and avoid to sit in your garden in evening just because of mosquito bites, you can try some plant which act as natural mosquito repellent like citronella , fever-few,lavender, keep these plants in your garden or you can place one of these plant in your bed and keep away from Mosquitoes.

Neem Oil

3: Another very very effective and harmless mosquitoes home remedies is Neem Oil, Basically Neem is tree a very popular in Indian subcontinent, Its oil having wonderful ability to keep away from insects, pesticide and specially mosquitoes,It work wonder on human body and will surely keeps you away from mosquitoes and many other insects and pesticide.You need to massage on parts of body not covered with clothes

I hope you learn many newly discovered mosquitoes home remedies in this article, and learn how mosquitoes are dangerous for human health which we often ignore.


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Home Remedies for flu and sore throat

According to new medical report, flu bacteria increased since past few decades.People frequently use antibiotics to get rid from Flu and sore throat, but I personally observe, antibiotics are not required due to existence of this bacteria in human body.Throat is very sensitive part of human body and it need to handle carefully during sore throat.I Bring some working home remedies for flu and sore throat today, hope you will learn many new things from this health article.

Frequent use of antibiotics will lowering your resistance against bacteria and viruses in your body.

Before we digg into home remedies for flu and sore throat , we need to review what are the main causes of this disease.

home remedies for flu and sore throat

home remedies for flu and sore throat


Causes of Sore throat

dry air , allergies, pollution, drinking of very cold water or hot tea or coffe or any other food.measels , chickenpox, and there is small percentage in case of bacterial infections.


1: According to one new study from US health institute reveals, spray of peppermint oil may provide instant and great level of relief.

Raw Honey & Lemon

2: Raw honey and fresh lemon juice is another one of the great home remedies for flu and sore throat.Raw honey keeps reasonable amount of nutrient enzyme which helps to kill bacteria and viruses.What you need to do get one teaspoon of raw honey and mix with quarter teaspoon of lemon juice and eat it each after 4 to 5 hours , it will provide you relief instantly.

Red Onion & Raw Honey

This is another one of the best and full of nutrient and vitamins and minerals in it.You will make a syrup , but do not worry it is not very difficult, what you need to do , get fresh red onion and cut it in slices and put it in a bowl, and get fresh raw honey ,both should be in equal amount, mix slices of red onion and raw honey and place it for at least 12 to 15 hours after this you will get juice of red onion and honey which will never be smelly as you are considering, separate the onion slices from this juice and use this syrup as great home remedies for flu and sore throat. It will be full of nutrient and vitamins and minerals.

Slippery Elm for sore throat

Slippery Elm is another great natural remedy for sore throat, but it is less fame as compared to other home remedies i mentioned here.What you need to do.When slickery elm water mix with some hot water it become gel which provides instant soothes to your throat.You can buy it in powder format and use it with some hot water.

Salt Water

Last but not least.Salt water gargling is another effective home remedies for flu and sore throat, but how to use it, mix quarter teaspoon of salt in some hot water, and gargle it for each after two hours, it is also harmless and instant home remedy.

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Reduce body heat home remedies

You must remember one important thing, body heat is not disease ,and you can reduce body heat with some effective home remedies.Summer season is just arrived and body heat also known as heat stress problem is very common in summer days, There are certain causes of heat stress, or body heat, one of the major cause of body heat is direct sun shine at your body for longer period.We often try instant and artificial method to reduce body heat but it is not healthy and some time fell in another health trouble.

reduce body heat home remedies

reduce body heat naturally


Causes of Body Heat or Heat Stress

Basically body heat problem raise when our body itself unable to cool with its own cooling energy.Working in sun and bush fire and working in place in summer season where ventilation system is poor and unavailability of proper drink and your body sweating does not support or unable to cold your body temperature.

Over crowded place and no proper ventilation,dehydration,over exposure under sun in summer.Lack of proper airflow.Hardworking and hard exercise under sun in summer season.Eating certain stimulant and drugs and cocaine etc.Excessive worry and emotional problem.


 Reduce body heat with effective home remedies

Cool Water

1: Use cool water each after 15 minute during very hot weather or if you fear you can fell in body heat problem, cool water does not mean you take one or two glass each after 15 minutes, you just need 3, 4 sip of cool water to manage your body heat and in this way you can avoid from worst condition.

Lemon Juice

2: Lemon Juice is another wonderful home remedy to reduce body heat, you just squeeze one or half standard size of lemon in one glass of water after you come from direct sun shine or going out side in direct sun shine or start any work in summer season which may fear you to fell in heat stress.

Fresh Coconut Water

3: Fresh coconut water is another effective natural remedy to reduce body heat and fight against heat stroke, and coconut water is also packed with nutrient which is very essential for your body, it increase your body energy instantly.


4:Watermelon is one of the best source to keep you hyderated in summer season due to heavy amount of water in it.It also a good harmful toxin remover from your body, eat regular watermelon in summer season keeps you away from many health complication including heat stroke and very useful fruit to reduce body heat instantly.I wrote many times on watermelon please read whats other surprising benefits in it.Watermelon has the necessary vitamins which absorb excessive heat of your body and helps to maintain it.

Butter milk

5: According to herbal body heat treatment , buttermilk is one of the best reduce body heat natural remedy, and it is also very useful for women having hot flashes problem, buttermilk having reasonable amount of minerals and vitamins which is very useful for human body and helps to recover body energy which lost due to sweating.

I hope you learn many new things to reduce body heat naturally and effectively,all these health tips are harmless and low at cost.

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Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Life is not comfortable for extra weight people and there are many health complication due to overweight, like diabetics, heart problem high blood pressure and many other disease may raises.There are two well known methods to weight loss , number one is exercise and number two is proper diet, and remember there is no short cut for loosing weight.But there are certain home remedies for weight loss.

If you think short cut method is better and easy, it may leads you another health complication and it will not durable.Why you need weight loss success for just couple of months.Try some effective home remedies for weight loss.

There are many surprising natural ways to loose your weight. I will discuss all some newly discovered home remedies for weight loss.Please keep in mind all natural remedies having different results for different types of people due to their previous health condition and other diseases affiliated with them, so you must know and discuss with your family doctor before try any natural remedy at home.Your family doctor will definitely suggest you which home remedy is better and will work for you.

home remedies for weight loss

home remedies for weight loss


Home remedies for weight loss

1: Cinnamon tea

It is one of the ancient home remedy to weight loss, what you need to do , get one teaspoon of cinnamon powder,and one cinnamon stick, and one cup of boiled water,mix all these ingredient and wait for at least 15 minutes , drink slowly before break fast empty stomach and before meal, try this home remedy for at least 2 months for better result.

2: Ginger & Green tea for weight loss

Here another natural remedy having proven result, it is Ginger and green tea,there is very simple way to use this tip, you just need half teaspoon of ground ginger one teaspoon of green tea and one cup of hot boiled water and you can also add some organic honey to develop some taste.Remember do not dip ground ginger and green tea for long time in boiled water it may develop bitter taste, it is better just steeping green tea and ground ginger for two to three minutes.

Caution: People having obesity with hemorrhoid problem , must need to consult with their family doctor before using this home remedy, or better to avoid this tip,it may cause to increase bleeding for hemorrhoid patients.

3: Cabbage for weight loss

It is one of my favorite home remedies for weight loss, cabbage having wonderful and surprising benefits for different diseases and I several time wrote about it.Today I want to tell cabbage having great capabilities to reduce weight and stop increasing weight.You can eat it raw or use it as boiled format, Cabbage contain reasonable amount of Vitamin C and rich in fiber and water content, its tartaric acid is very helpful for human body to stop conversion of carbohydrate and sugar into fats. You can intake 150 grams of raw cabbage in your diet or can increase or decrease as per your body requirements.Try cabbage for at least 3 months for better and positive results.If you want to get maximum and quick result try cabbage at empty stomach.

4: Try some Tomatoes for reducing extra weight

At early in the morning empty stomach, try some tomatoes, and remember eat tomatoes including its seeds, because its seeds are rich in dietary fiber which is also good for reducing constipation problem.Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin K & Vitamin C and also having reasonable amount of antioxidant which is very useful for fight against cancer.

5: Curry Leaves

Consuming 10 to 12 fresh curry leaves are one of the best home remedies for weight loss,try these curry leaves early in morning before breakfast, it also very useful in diabetes problem and new research shows curry leaves is very useful for obesity and maintaining weight in proportion.

6: Lemon Juice

Another one of the great home remedies for weight loss is lemon juice, its formula and usage is very simple, let me tell you how to use it to get maximum result for obesity problem.

Three to four teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, quarter teaspoon of black pepper, and one teaspoon of organic honey mix all of it and drink empty stomach specially early in morning before breakfast for better positive result.

These are some instant and simple home remedies for weight loss, I hope you will learn and now better understand how you can get rid from obesity problem with out complication treatment and medication.

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