4 Surprising Aspirin non medical uses

Aspirin is world wide famous and favorite due to its different types of health benefits specially in pain relieving,but may be you do not know this tablet is also very useful in different types of cancer problems.

But today I brings some surprising non medical uses of aspirin after reading these benefits you will always keep aspirin tablets at your home.

Aspirin Non Medical uses

Dead Car battery

If you are on road driving your car and your battery suddenly dead, what will you do? obviously you will be helpless.But do not worry if you have just two tablets of aspirin it will solve your problem within minutes and you can at least be able to reach nearest service station.

What you need to do? open nut bolt of your car battery and place two tablet inside the liquid of battery and wait for just 15 to 30 minutes.After mixing aspirin in sulfuric acid of battery it will gives a new life.Start you car and reach at your place in-time.

Sweat Stains on Shirts

In summer season, some times it is quite difficult to remove sweat stains on shirts and some other bright color cloths, but do not worry, there is instant and easy remedy for it .Just crush two or three tablets of aspirin and mix it with washing powder, and mix one cup of water and rub it on sweat stain on shirts, and wait for one or two hours , after this wash your shirt or cloths you will surprisingly observe sweat stain has disappear due to aspirin mixture.You can also remove many other stubborn stains with help of aspirin mixture with washing powder.

Insects Bite treatment

Insects bites are always painful and irritating, some time for example due to honey bee bite there is swelling on bite spot, do not worry if you do not have any other effective medicine or other instant solution for insect bite if you have couple of aspirin tablets.Just massage aspirin tablet on bite spot for one or two minute, you will observe swelling is  under control and your pain also dramatically decreased.

Instant remedy for pimples on face

Another amazing and very low cost solution for pimples on face. Pimples problem is very common from age 17 to 25  and we sick off from it, but do not worry aspirin having magical solution for your pimples.

What you need to do? make a paste of aspirin with simple water, and place this paste on pimples and wait for few minutes, 15 to 20 minutes. You will observe redness on pimples decreasing and pimples are also decreasing in their sizes.If you have pimples for some long time, you need to use this (remedy for pimples on face)aspirin paste for two to 4 weeks regularly to get better result.

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3 Exceptional Tips to care your skin Naturally

Skin specialists and health expert says , a skin which is very dry is called sensitive skin, which need extra care from excessive sunlight , dust, cold and hot weather. Sensitive skin can easily under attack from eczema and psoriasis.Such type of skin need more care and attention as compared to other types of skins. Here I bring some very handy natural remedies for sensitive skin.


Care your skin naturally

Lemon drink

You need to start your day with lemon drink.Because Vitamin C in lemon is greatly help to combat free radical damage and lemon having reasonable amount of antioxidant in it.

Get one or half lemon and squeeze it in fresh drinking water, add some honey and drink it with empty stomach.After 30 minutes you can start your break fast. If it is not possible for you to drink this lemon water for whole month , at least 7 regular days in month. This drink will helps you for glowing and wrinkle free skin.

Raw Milk

use raw milk to cleanse your skin if you have sensitive skin, or if you come back from excessive hot or cold weather or dusty environment.Get half cup of raw milk dip a clean hygenic cotton pad in it and massage it on your skin, leave it for at least 10 minutes and wash with some warm water.

If you want to make natural face mask for your sensitive skin, it is very easy, what you need to do ,is as follow.

Half cup of pure milk, one teaspoon organic honey, add some gram flour , and make a paste , massage it slowly slowly and wait for  at-least 15 to 20 minutes and after this wash it with fresh water.You can use this natural face mask of milk 5 to 6 times in a month.

Rose Water

Rose water is another wonderful natural treatment for you sensitive dry skin because of its anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory property in it.Rose water will make your skin glowing and wrinkle free.Use this rose water at least 15 days in a month. Massage it before going to bed. Regular use of rose water on your skin can provide you wrinkle free and glowing skin permanently.

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How to cleanse cholesterol from the blood vessels Naturally

Although there are several methods prevails in latest medical science to cleanse cholesterol from blood vessels reducing bad cholesterol from body, but whats wrong if we can get more positive and permanent result with natural remedies, these are safer and cheaper ? There are more complication with drugs and medicine and there are some dangerous reactions.

Forget these methods and try this natural treatment to cleanse cholesterol from blood vessels.Garlic and lemon are one of the best natural product to remove and clean cholesterol from blood vessel.This natural remedy is used in many countries of Asia since 2 to 3 hundreds years successfully.Latest medical science prove this compound also prevent to develop cancerous cells.

cleanse cholesterol from the blood vessels

How to make this compound ?


Lemon 4 standard size

Garlic bulb 4 standard size

Boiled water 3 liter

Divide the slices of garlic and remove skin of garlic one by one and pour it to grinder machine, and squeeze these lemon juice into it. Grind all this mixture and  pour it to a glass jar which can keep 4 liter liquid , pour this mixture into jar and pour 3 liter warm water on it , and cover the jar tightly and place it to refrigerator at least 4 to 5 days. After this you can use this mixture.

How to use ?

In early days try this mixture just one to 2 teaspoon and then increase it gradually, you can take this mixture three time with out meals empty stomach for better result.Maximum dose of this compound should not increase from 5 teaspoon to 7 teaspoon. This mixture will be enough for one person for 40 days. People having high cholesterol and high blood pressure problem , should use this once in year.

I highly recommends you to consult with your family doctor before trying this natural treatment.

Top Health Benefits of this Compound

Very helpful for obese and overweight people

manage blood pressure

Excellent blood circulation

Best for brain blood circulation and improve brain functionality.

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Follow 8 advices and improve your heart health by even 70%

Healthy and strong heart means comfortable and happy life, but it can only possible if you adopt healthy eating style, healthy eating style, before you fell in trouble and doctors told you bad news about your heart health , why not you adopt these following healthy advice which makes your heart safe and healthy by adopting these habits your heart can be safe 70% from heart disease.

Improve your heart health


Drink one glass of milk daily will helps you to keep away from high blood pressure, and high blood pressure may leads you to heart disease and risk of stroke.


2: Make your habit to drink at least one glass of red grape fruit juice it will improve your blood flow and reduce the chance of systolic blood pressure 23%.


3: Kiwi fruit is very helpful in reducing the formation of plaque by at least 20% to 23 % .Eat kiwi fruit as much as you can, when its season arrives in your area.You can use kiwi in packed form ,but fresh kiwi fruit having more benefit in it specially in reducing formation of plaque.

Healthy Bones

4:Doctors and health expert says People with rheumatoid arthritis are 60% more at heart attack risk than people having strong bones.makes your bone stronger to makes your heart stronger and healthy.

Small Meals

5: Prefer small meals rather than one or two big meals, doctors says, people having 5 to 6 smaller meals having 8% less cholesterol than people prefer one or 2 large meals in a day.Lower cholesterol means lower risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

Sun Shine

6:Get the sun shine daily at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, this will reduce the risk of heart problem by at least 32%.

Small Nap

7: People get 2 to 3 small naps in a day having 30% less heart attack risk than people do not sleep at all during day time.Get more sleep for healthier heart.

Brushing Teeth

8: Brushing your teeth will not only makes your white teeth, healthy and strong , it also helps to reduce heart disease at least 50% because by brushing your teeth you kills harmful bacteria and germs inside the mouth which cause inflamation in your body.

Not: Latest research says people having weak hand shake is prediction of Cardiovascular Disease.

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5 Effective home remedies for Toothache

Dental pain, jaw pain or toothache are very common but it create serious trouble some time.At this critical situation we hardly chew something or talk, there are some certain reasons of dental pain, gum diseases, plaque,dental infections, exposed tooth root,cavities, infections.

If you have common toothache, there are some effective home remedies for toothache, but if you have following symptoms and signs it may be serious signs and you need to visit dentist as soon as possible.

Signs and Symptoms

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